10 Top Free Social Media Content Tools

One thing I am sure about anyone is that they love free things. When it comes to blogging or social media marketing, you have to invest some money. But there are some awesome tools that you can access without paying a single pie. I am going to share some social media content tools to take your campaign to next level and some other free tools to keep an eagle eye on your followers.  Let’s take a look at these fantastic tools.

1. Hootsuite : This is one of my favorite tool to manage my social media accounts. It is incredible easy to post to multiple accounts at once and makes it much easier to monitor on your accounts. This tool is freemium and free now comes with three channels(Facebook, Twitter and Google+). If you want to add more tools then you can go with Hootsuite pro which also give insights. You can also schedule your posts for future. This tool is available cross platform, means you can enjoy on your favorite devices.
2. BufferBuffer is also like Hootsuite but it’s also different in many ways. It differs from Hootsuite that you can see your top tweet or ay post in badge form. If you share lots of posts on social media then this tool worth of giving it a try. It is also a freemium tool and available cross platform.
3. Google Analytics: One thing that you must have to do in marketing is analyzing traffic. Analysts can track your visitors, real time views, clicks and much more. You can also figure out which posts drive you most traffic and from which source. It a necessary plus it’s completely free.

4. ViralWoot: Did you use Pinterest for marketing? Yes, then this tool is a must try. You can promote your pins, gain new followers and it also gives analysts to tweak your strategy. It’s a freemium tool and free one comes with some good features. If you grab the pro account then it also enables the alert service which let you know when someone pins from your website.

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5. Facebook Insights: You can’t ignore Facebook when it’s about marketing. You should see your posts reach, influence and engagement. It’s a great way to see more active followers, clicks on your links and get a idea to update your page for better engagement. You can track your likes on posts and even track your competition and see where they are succeeding and failing.
6. Tweetdeck: This is simple tool available for browser and mac. It’s a powerful tool for
Twitter. You can schedule posts, track various hashtags, topics, events. You can organize many things such as lists, searches making them easier to access. You can also customize alerts and searches with this tool.
7. Bitly: Link shortening has been around us for a quite time and it’s true for Bitly too. It’s used to be a way to share any link by shortening quickly and easily. You can also track your links and see how many clicks a link received. It’s great way to improve your social media strategy and what’s better way to use them than with free programs? You can also create your own short and customizable sharing link with this tool.
8. IFTTT: IFTTT means “ If This, Then, That” and it sound crazy. You have to create recipes with different channels to complete your tasks. You can create various recipes for your various social media accounts like when you submit a new post then it will be automatically shared to different social media accounts. You can think of this as marketing version of scientific method.
9. TweetReach: This free tool helps you track your tweets and see an overall analytics report of how far your tweets are reaching, which can help you tweak them, making them more successful. You can boost your engagement in future by taking a close look at most tweets that are retweeted or favorited multiple times.
10. Klout: This free tools helps you to monitor your online reputation by giving you a score. You can use this tool to help you see what your audience are interested in, which you can use for future needs and interests.
Final Words
As you create your social media strategies, take some time to look at these various free tools to find ones that fit your needs. If you like some products then you can always sign up for pro versions for more features, but free is always a good choice to get expert campaigns at no cost. Are you going to try these free services or which services you use for your social media strategy? Let me know in the comment section. I’d love to hear from you.

Social Media Mistakes That You Should Avoid to Be a Successful Marketer

Social media selling may be a good way to induce leads and reach potential shoppers. That is if you are doing it properly. consistent with The State of arriving 2014-2015 study conducted by Hubspot, eightieth of respondents placed social media in conjunction with alternative digital selling channels together of the foremost necessary sources of leads.

While it’s terribly attainable for you to reach social media, committing blunders will turn out dire consequences for your business or whole. therefore you will wish to stay in mind the subsequent high mistakes that you just got to avoid if you would like to maximise this powerful medium for your business. a number of them you will be committing already while not knowing concerning it.

 1. Not taking note of individuals

Social media skilled Vinny La Varbera says that the biggest (social media) mistake you’ll be able to build isn’t taking note of others. Social media sites exist to push conversations among individuals. For businesses, these sites gift a chance to concentrate to your target market. In alternative words, social media may be a street. sadly, several business homeowners treat social media sort of a ancient selling medium. That is, they dominate the communication method. rather than taking note of individuals, they colly the networks with their messages.

You should detain mind that your social media network includes your shoppers, potential partners and supporters. These area unit individuals World Health Organization opinion matter and who will facilitate your business grow. does one have to be compelled to listen and follow everything that they say? after all not. however you have got to price their voices. you ought to pay specific attention to the items that your prospective shoppers area unit expression. a number of the items that they’re expression might not be pleasant however that doesn’t mean they wont provide you with something. Most of the time, it’s the negative things that may facilitate your business a lot of. If you would like to grasp a way to really hear individuals in social media, scrutinize a number of the foremost in businesses and appearance at however they’re exploitation social media sites.

 2. Not having an inspiration

Many business homeowners use social media for his or her businesses the manner they use it for his or her personal lives. That is, they use it without aim. They post messages, links, photos and videos each currently then. they will even comment to the posts of their fans and followers. however their social media activities don’t represent an inspiration or strategy. this can be massive social media mistake and a giant waste of your time. rather like your alternative selling efforts, your social media selling efforts ought to represent an inspiration that’s per the overall objectives of your business. consistent with Digital selling authority Brett Relander, clear objectives modify coming up with and execution, still as enabling  you to live results and track ROI.

Apart from having a social media arrange or strategy, you ought to even have a system to live the effectiveness of the arrange. Doing therefore is that the best thanks to certify that you just don’t seem to be wasting resources on social media.

 3. Not posting helpful content

Content is king, even in social media. however, this doesn’t mean that you just ought to post constant content sort you utilize on alternative mediums like Facebook or Pinterest. Therefore, it’s necessary that you just post acceptable content for various style of social sites. Businesses will continue message and keep a regular digital voice whereas still permitting followers to feel in person connected, that successively fosters a lot of sharing and multiplied followers, says social media skilled Heather Smith.

When you post photos, for instance, dont simply use photos that you just use in your regular advertisements and alternative promotional mediums. Your followers will already see that in alternative places. it’s higher to offer them Associate in Nursing intimate look of your business or whole. Why not post behind the scenes photos of however you turn out your product. you’ll be able to even post photos of you and your workers having an honest time. you want to bear in mind that social media is basically a casual medium. Posting too serious of a content in it’s going to not be an honest strategy. In social media, it’s necessary that your followers feel an affiliation to your business or whole. this can be why realistic and is easy-to-relate-to posts work best in social media.

 4. Not being clear

As mentioned earlier, social media is all concerning creating connections. this implies that folks following you in sites like Facebook or Twitter is expecting some openness and transparency. after they visit your Facebook page, for instance, they might expect to check over the same old selling and promotional pictures and posts. They take social media as a chance to induce close to corporations that they otherwise wont have access to. therefore, if you’re not being clear in social media, then you may be unsatisfactory lots of individuals and should lose followers within the method.

Do you have to be compelled to post each single issue that’s happening to your business? after all not. however you wish to produce individuals the sense that they’re being welcome into the inner lifetime of your company. By doing therefore, you’d be thought to be a corporation that’s merit being trusty. Studies have shown that folks area unit a lot of inclined to support businesses whom they trust. For a lot of insights on the difficulty of trust and social media, you ought to scan Rob Petersen’s article.

 5. Not being consistent

There area unit 2 ways that to be inconsistent in social media. One isn’t having the ability to sustain a social media campaign and also the alternative isn’t being consistent once it involves the messages that you just place out. it’s simple to induce started with a social media campaign. this can be as a result of operating a brand new medium is usually exciting. what’s exhausting is to sustain that very same level of pleasure. this can be why you see several corporations begin sturdy in social media sites, posting many times per week or perhaps in a very day. however because the weeks and also the months elapse, you notice their posts dwindling to merely 2 or less each week. {this is|this is often|this will be} a giant no-no as a result of throwing in the towel on a social media web site can leave your followers feeling abandoned.

You should even be consistent once it involves the messages that you just post on social media sites. Kevin Claveria, World Health Organization works as a social media selling assistant, reminds U.S. although that consistency shouldn’t come back at the value of flexibility. you ought to still experiment with completely different social media ways, and you ought to contemplate re-evaluating your strategy once in a very whereas.

It is necessary to rent a selected person or team to handle social media selling for you. Having completely different messages on social media will leave your followers feeling confused and alienated. The messages should be tied to the core characteristics of your whole. If you sell attire for youths, for instance, then it’s necessary to use a voice that’s enticing to youngsters.

 6. Not that specialize in one or a couple of social media web site

Because of the amount of social media sites around, it will be tempting to be all told of them. once it involves social media selling although, a lot of isn’t essentially higher. you ought to still place a lot of stress on quality over amount. Mr. Relander’s recommendation is to only select the networks that have the foremost targeted prospects and also the largest audiences. there’s an idea that each one social media sites is a perfect selling medium for every type of companies. whereas it’s true that social media sites like Facebook and Twitter area unit good for every type of companies, their area unit some sites that job just for sure varieties of businesses. Instagram, for instance, is right for business-to-consumer corporations however not for business-to-business enterprises. equally Linkedin may be a nice B2B social sites however not essentially smart for the B2C businesses.
Being in several social media sites may also take up many your company’s resources. simply to manage all those social media sites alone would take up such a lot of your company’s time. therefore, rather than spreading your selling efforts skinny on several social media sites, the higher issue to try to to would be to settle on one or a couple of social media sites then focus your efforts there. you will wish to grasp however you’ll be able to select which websites to post to. you’ll be able to escort quality. you’ll be able to conjointly do some analysis to grasp wherever your target market is.

 7. Not exploitation Visuals

Between a post that contains an exposure in it and one that’s all text, that does one suppose can individuals notice? it’s a no brainier right? Social media sites area unit visual mediums. this can be as a result of the web itself may be a visual medium. In Twitter, as an example, Ms. Smith says that Tweets that embrace a picture have two hundred % a lot of engagement than tweets while not pictures.So if you’re not exploitation pictures on your social media campaign, don’t surprise why only a few individuals area unit following or partaking with you. It doesn’t matter however smart your message is, if it doesn’t attract the eye of individuals, then it’ll simply be wasted.

You just got to apprehend a couple of things before you post pictures on-line. initial of all, use original pictures the maximum amount as attainable. If you’re exploitation alternative peoples or companys pictures, you ought to certify that you just have the permission to use them. Otherwise, you’ll be able to get your business in the hassle. you ought to conjointly certify that the pictures you may use has relevancy to your whole and to your message.

8. Not linking social media to your alternative net properties

While social media sites like Facebook will function a complete selling medium, it might still work best if it’s integrated together with your alternative net properties. Not connecting these accounts reduces the number of reaches every quality has on an individual basis, says Ms. Smith. If you own a web log, for instance then you ought to perpetually syndicate your post on your profiles. And in your web site or web log, you ought to embrace social media buttons to form it easier for individuals to like or share your contents and follow you on social media sites.

Your social media selling ought to be a section of an even bigger selling arrange or strategy. you ought to not treat is as Associate in Nursing island. keep beyond the mistakes higher than and as expected you may succeed together with your social media campaign.

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Growing Your Own Blog

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