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You have a hole ( No money) in your pocket  and want to make money online. Everyone wants to make money online, but only few one got success in making money online.  There are many ways to make money online, but I will tell you some easy and most interesting ways to do that by using your online time.


Facebook is the most used social-media in the world. I think you must have your own Facebook page or profile. So, how can you transform Facebook time to make money online.

Affiliate Marketing

One of the best strategy to make money from Facebook is to promote others products and on each sale of the product you will get some commission from them into your account. You can choose which products you want to promote. Some Major affiliate marketers are :

Growing your own Business

If you have  a small business then Facebook can play a wide role in the growth of your customers. You can even sell your own products or show a demo of products you offer. Give an offer on some products to attract more customers to promote your business.

Promoting others

If you have a good no. of fan following of your Facebook page then you can also promote others business for money. You can take money from them for each post or in a bulk quantity.

Growing Your Own Blog

If you have a blog and want more traffic then Facebook can play bog role in it. Share your new updates to your profile , page and also join some group to share posts.


Youtube is the biggest video platform to watch and share videos, but you can also make money from it. If you have a good number of subscribers on your Youtube channel then you can show others previews in your videos to earn money.


If you doesn’t have any social media profile and still want to make money online then this site is for you. You have to  just complete some surveys  and in return they will give you swag bucks. With that money you can buy something from Amazon and from other popular sites. They also provide money for your swag bucks.

I hope you will  get  some good idea to make money online just by using you online time. If you have any query and suggestion then the below comment box is always open for you. You can also join me on social media.

How to Promote Your New Blog

Traffic and design are the things that makes a Blog great but without traffic no one will visit your blog to see your design and to generate traffic for a new blog is not an easy task especially for newbies. You have to struggle  a  lot for traffic in early days. Then read these killer tips  to drive traffic to your blog and these tips and tricks makes my new blog to count 500 visitors in 48 hours.

Content Is King

The first thing that attracts towards your blog is content if your content is great and unique then visitors will come like ants in a row. Try to write rich content and  try to make it more readable like proper space  between posts, use good headlines. If you still having problem then try prowritingaid.com to make some good content.

Eye Catchy Title

Give  an attractive title to the post because the first thing that visitor will see about your post is the title. Try google adwords or long tail pro like services to find a title that has low competition it helps you to rank well on search engines.

Social Media Promoting

Social Media is the powerhouse of the traffic. Make a Facebook page with your blog name and create some more profiles like Google+, Reddit, Digg, and Stumble Upon to share your content. Also join some blogging groups on facebook it helps you to learn new things and to give a pathway for your new visitors. Mainly bloggers  join these groups so it also helps you to rank well on Alexa.

Commenting On Other Blogs

Comment on some good ranked and related sites. Always don’t  just use the link to your site, write some good words in the comment and then use your site link, ti helps you to avoid your comment being banned.

Guest Posting

Try to grab some guest posting of others blogs with well rank and traffic. Always try to write some new and interesting post for guest blogging. If you have enough traffic then you can also start guest blogging on your blog for more traffic and backlinks.


Youtube is great source for getting traffic. Make a video on some topic and submit it. Try to give a link to your blog in first 2 minutes because according to survey most youtube visitors will close  videos watching after 3 minutes. Dont make the video too large, try to keep it on the track.


Join some good forums like ezine articles, warrior form to drive targeted traffic to your blog. Submit some quality posts their and try them to rank well.

Write Your Own Book

Write your own book on blogging and seo and make your visitors to grab it for free after subscribing your blog feed. In this way you will get some targeted visitors. If you have make an enough good book then try to sell it in amazon.

Yahoo Answers

Give the answers of some yahoo answers and at last give a link back to your blog. Whenever someone google question he will look your blog link.

Internal  Linking

Use proper method to links other articles. Dont use more that two links in a n article. Use related article to links to post.

I hope you will get some mind blowing idea to boost your new blog in less time. If you have any query and suggestion then the below comment box is always open for you.

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