Writing Effective, Catchy and Attention Grabbing Headlines

Are you getting bored with your old and dull writing style? Here are some tips to get you motivated.

Focus on whats in it for the reader

People in relatively affluent societies are generally motivated by three higher needs: affiliation, aspiration, and identity. Anyone who has had training in sales or writing knows the #1 question a reader or customer is asking themselves is, Whats in it for me? People crave for us to solve a problem they have or give them a reason why they should listen to us. Give them that reason upfront to draw them in and leave them on the edge of their seat.

Be specific

Whats the key point of your content? That’s what the headline or title should reflect. According to Ogilvy, 80% of people only read headlines and skip the rest. If that’s the case, it makes sense to be as specific as possible so readers can quickly identify what the content is about and decide whether or not its applicable to them.

Balance personality and relevance

Many writers fall into two traps: being too straightforward or too catchy. When you’re too straightforward, it can come across as boring and may not grab the readers attention. When you get too creative, you can lose the main point of your content and lose your reader altogether. Instead, try to balance the two by giving the headline enough personality to entice the reader, while still explaining what the article is about.

Stay true to your voice

Your headlines and titles should always align with your brands voice or personality. If you work for a large company that is very professional and formal like trust my paper service is, it probably wouldn’t make sense to say, Check out our new site, dudes! On the other hand, if your company’s voice is quirky and casual, it would sound bizarre to say, Learn how to involve your key stakeholders in developing your strategic vision. Identify what your company’s verbal style is, and stick to it.

Talk about benefits, not features

Along the same lines, people respond a lot more positively to benefits than to features. No one cares that the iPod has 160GB of storage (although that is pretty impressive). They care that they can listen to 40,000 songs in a row and never have to delete one again. That’s powerful! When you rely on features, you’re not speaking your customers language, and they move on. Features can be duplicated. Your unique benefits and solutions cant.

Stay away from cliches

Please spare us the pain of another variation of Lions and tigers and bears oh my! in your headline. These kinds of cliches are hard to get away from. They’re easy to remember, you think they make you sound creative, and theyre often the first thing you think of. And that’s why they shouldn’t be used. If cliches were effective, everyone could be a writer. Push past it, and come up with a new way to describe your topic. Your readers will be pleasantly surprised and more likely to read what you have to say.

Breathe new life into tired words

Words like great, helpful, awesome, and interesting are ok, but they don’t impress anyone. Give your headline or title some extra oomph by going through each word (aside from prepositions) and brainstorming more vivid or engaging ways to say the same thing. The thesaurus can be your best friend!

Consider SEO, but don’t force it

There’s an ongoing debate in the marketing industry about writing for search engine optimization vs. writing for humans. Forty is a proponent of writing with SEO in mind, while focusing first and foremost on what makes sense to a person. Keywords are important for search engines, but if your headline is confusing or robotic, its not going to draw someone in to read your content anyway. When you speak the language of your audience, you’ll naturally get more relevant search traffic. Include a keyword or phrase in your headline if it makes sense, but be sure you’re writing for humans, not robots.

Use an active voice

Using a passive voice can be awkward, vague, or unnecessarily wordy. Tighten your writing, and cut to the chase by using an active voice. Also, eliminate any extraneous words to make the title more succinct.

Build an attention-grabbing arsenal

All readers want to be entertained, to reaffirm their beliefs, to know how they can help, to be confronted, or to be enlightened. They’re drawn in when they think something is meaningful and fascinating. There are lots of headline and title formulas that have been proven to work (how to’s, lists, intriguing questions, etc.).

Why Bloggers Fail in Blogging Era

Blogging is a full time business and continuously growing industry that doesn’t stop evolving itself even when you sleep.What reasons can force you to quit blogging  today? There are many ups and downs in blogging, but you should have to motivate yourself to keep you in this industry.  The biggest  joke my friend ever told me about blogging is that Blogging is an easy and a part time business to make money and I suggest you to ignore these suggests . If you are thinking to quit blogging then I bet with you that you will lose the idea of quitting blogging after reading the post.

No fixed Income

There is no fixed income in blogging, if you can’t grow your business with time then also the business will start avoiding you to make money. There are many newbies that only quits blogging because they cant making money from it. Blogging need patience, hard work and perfect strategy to make money.

Can’t doing enough Hard Work

Blogging need hard work. If you have to do hard work with perfect planning and strategy then you can achieve half of your goal without doing any extra work. But without planning and strategy even your good idea might fall like rain from sky.

Don’t focusing on SEO

Seo is a key point in blogging and plays a vital role in traffic. Without SEO you can’t get good traffic to your blog and you also don’t  have a good income. You have apply good structured SEO design, on page and off page optimization for your blog. If you are new to blogging hire an expert for this.

Not have enough Patience

Blogging need patience to become you a pro blogger, you can’t become a pro blogger in a night, you need to continuously hard work and to be patience with you customers and with the income you are making. If you read any success story of great people they will tell you that they started from zero and didnt lose their patience while working.

Don’t Thinking blogging as a Business opportunity

So, you are confused  whether take blogging as a serious business that can even replace you current 9am-5pm job and my answer is YES but you have enough skills that can make you the king of blogging. Blogging isn’t a dummy game in which you lose or win doesn’t matter, in blogging if you can’t express yourself as a blogger then no one will use your services and even you can loss your current traffic.

Thinking Blogging as a fun

Blogging isn’t a GTA game in which you can win by just entering cheat codes. Blogging is also a gentleman job in which you represent yourself in the front of the rest world by your posts. Thinking blogging as a fun can ruin your business and your personality. Take blogging seriously as a business.

Negitive Thought

In blogging no will comes to motivate you have to motivate yourself and keep calm and stop your negative thoughts now if you want to keep yourself in blogging. Negitive thought takes you to the down even when you will start doing some good work. Think twice before what are you doing and convert your mind to positive. It gives you a power even when you are in trouble or confuisng situation.

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” 

Don’t have Creative mind

You can’t always steel others ideas always in blogging. You have to write unique and some informational posts if you want to take your blog to a next level. Uniqueness can become a key point in attracting visitors towards you. If you didn’t have a creative mind that can’t do some creative then you can’t exist in blogging for a long time.

Can’t promoting yourself as a blogger

If you are a good writer, have a creative mind and try to write unique posts for your visitors but still can’t attracting enough visitors then you should start promoting yourself as a blogger. Social Media can be a great and effective way to explore yourself as a blogger and to promote your business. Promote your services and try to give some gift for your visitors in a constant interval of time, it stop your visitors from ignoring you.

Over to You

I hope you will start taking some essential steps after reading my post and have some good reason to don’t stop blogging. if you want to take blogging as full time business then you should keep yourself calm, motivated and to write some quality content. There is no secret of success. You can’t become rich in a night, if you want to succeed yourself then you should do some hard work, need some creative work. Take blogging seriously and don’t give any chance to Negative thoughts to become heavy on you. Keep strong yourself and keep posting some great posts. If you have any suggestion then comment box is always open for you. If you still feeling boring in blogging then you can contact or add me social media.

Seo Icons For Bloggers

You need proper business tactics to make it meet a successful end, in the world of cyber where there is an immense race going on between websites and blogs, it has now become an uphill task to get your blog noticed, people are investing way too much to spotlight their websites through any probable way, it is a clever approach to make your blog observed.

Search Engine Optimization has a pertinent role to play. The vital search engines Google, Yahoo & Bing come up with the blog/sites that have most appropriate and well written content & relevance which could help the users to Get what they want. SEO helps the web pages to be ranked on the top if they involve profound and condensed material. It helps to grab more and more visitors to the respective website that is ranked in the search engines.
You cannot handle multiple things regarding different genres of your website, so the handiest way is to approach a professional SEO expert/company for their suggestions and recommendations. They would let you know some really mandatory things you have to look up to, the selection of keywords, usage of proper meta-tags and page speed time. There are several other tweaks that are required to appear on the first page of search engines.
Today I am unfolding free SEO and online marketing icons that would be best to use in presentations, websites, SEO publicizing agency services, infographics/illustrations or in publicity supplies as well.

Mozilla Firefox Plugins – That You Should Install Now

There are so many blogs today on internet that it is impossible to count. The most important thing common in all blogs is that everyone wants to go ahead from his competitors and the most funny fact is that It’s totally impossible to defeat everyone but you can defeat many of them by applying some tricks. and can hack the growth of your blog, but how to do that?

Well I have make a list of top mozilla firefox addons that will boost you work 80% faster. I have tried to cover all basic and advanced addons in this article. I think you are getting excited to see the list so let’s take a look at the list.


It is must have plugin for all mozilla users, personally I am also using this. This is a aweome all in one plugin to know everything about a website so you don’t have to install multiple plugins to know more about the blog. This tells about alexa, google pagerank, Social media likes , incoming and outgoing links. You can also edit this addon according to your wish, I mean the options that you want to view.

2. Shareholic

Are you getting tired of buffer?  So, this plugin is for you. You can make a account for free and add your favorite sites to share links. That’s it. So, whenever you write a new article don’t waste your time by going to different sites to share links just hit the plugin to share your article to multiple sites .

3. Flem

Ok so Flem doesnt exactly sound great does it? But as from the point blogger you have to read a lot of different blogs. This plugin does this work easily. It lets you browse through a list of URLs with ease. You simply copy a list of URLs to your clipboard and paste them into to the Flem toolbar. Then Flem lets you go from one URL to the next by simply clicking next/previous. Its great for prospecting a list of URLs you might of scraped.

4. Web Developer

Blogging  is not all about content. Sometime you have to apply some tricks to boost your blog. If you see some great article or a widget and want to know more about that then this plugin do that work. It’s is an awesome all in one tool to find alt tag of images, all CSS of page, generated course of page and to validate CSS, html and JavaScript, view and disable cookies.

5. Last Pass

Well you are a blogger and you have to make multiple accounts. But some times its difficult to remember and you can also don’t use the same password for all your accounts due to security reason. Then this plugin do this job. You can create your account and choose you master password and it carries all you passwords where you go. It is also available for Iphone, android and other major browsers . So, you don’t have to take the panic to remember and forget your passwords.
So, here is the list of my Mozilla plugins  but the plugins lists dosn’t ended here. So, subscribe us for future updates or comment below to give a suggestion.
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