Tips For Finding Fresh Blog Topics

Fresh topics are that every Blogger wants for his Blog, every Reader wants to read and every Search Engine wants to crawl. If you are a blogger and I know that you are a blogger then ask yourself these questions. How you find fresh topics for your blog? Are you satisfying your readers with your topics? If you are a blogger then you have to think hard to get the answer. Okay, I know some will answer Yes but many of you answer No. Then how to find fresh content without investing a single cent, here it is.

Analyze Your Comments

Everyone has comments on his blog posts. Actually comments are a very good medium for readers to express their thought towards your content. Read your previous comments and ask yourself what your readers wants from you and what they get? I am sure that you will find some idea for your next post topic.

Google Analytics

Everyone uses Google Analytics for his blogging purpose. But wait, did you know that Analytics can also help you to find fresh topics? Check your Analytics carefully now and observe that how your readers are behaving towards your blog. Let me explain.
Analyze which content readers loves to read and which they ignore. This helps you to write a reader friendly content.

Check Out Forums

Forums are a rich source to find topics for your posts. There are many forums that you can join for free. Find forums related to your blog and then check out them. There are many people that comes to forums to find their answers. If you already written a post on that topic then give the post link in the answers and you can also successfully turned a visitor into your reader

Social Media

Social Media is the great source to find potential content.


There are many groups are active on Facebook. Find groups related to your niche and topic and join them. There are many people that asks their questions on groups as they get quick reply to their question and there are so many bloggers are already available to answer that questions. Just examine that question and find what people wants and what is the reaction of bloggers towards the question.


Twitter is the place where everyone tweets what he likes or their first thought on an issue. Just you have to know what problem people are facing and what they are thinking.
If you cant find tweets related to your topic then use #tags to find tweets about specific topics.

Google Plus

Google plus is a great source to find fresh topics. Join some good Google+ communities and analyze their thoughts and ideas towards your relevant topic. As there are mainly bloggers that join Google plus. So, its high chances to find some great topic.

Reddit Or Stumble Upon

Join Reddit and Stumble Upon and search related to your topics. See whats trending and what is the reaction of readers towards that post. There are also other sites like Delicious and Digg  to find fresh topics.

Spy On Your Competitors

A little spy on your competitors can also give some nice idea. First find competitors to your blog and see in which direction they are going and how they attracts the visitors to their blog. Analyze their comments, posts will give you the thought of readers towards their blog.

Search Engines

Search engines are the place where all people search to find their answer. Search related to your blog topics and you will find some good posts links related to your blog topics. You can also use Google trends to see whats going hot now.

Questioning Sites

People go to these sites to find the answer of their questions. Go and spend some time on these sites to find some good questions for your blog.
Try to answer them and take their thoughts towards you.  There are also other sites available like and to find your topic.


Newsletters are an excellent source to find fresh content. Subscribe to some famous Blogs that fits your blog topic and analyze their new posts. See how they are doing with their blog and what they are doing to write new posts.

Over To You

Here is the end of my post and I hope you find some good idea to find topics for your blogs. If you still dont getting any good topics then I want to say that you are not doing enough hard work? Finding fresh content is not an easy task just you have to visit proper place where people are talking and questioning about your blog topics. If you still have any suggestion or question then hit me a message with below comment box.

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