How To Attract Readers To Your Blog And Make Them Stay

The blogosphere is getting bigger and tough day by day. The SEO or blogging that are working yesterday may not work for today. Every blogger wants one essential thing. Significant Traffic for his blog and not just bulk traffic he wants loyal and converting readers. But there are tons of posts submitted daily, then what makes your blog posts stand out of the crowd.

#1 Write Killer Content

You might be wondering that how on earth could you gain rich loyal traffic by publishing powerful essays even there are hundreds are already present on that topic. But the universal truth is that you can, Yes you can. Killer posts are those that have the capability to convert readers mind to share the post. Try to win the heart of readers and your content will be automatically shared.

Tips To Write Killer Content

Write For Readers Not For Bots

It’s people that reads your posts not bots. Next time when you sit to write post make sure you are writing for your readers.

Write A Strong Headline To Attract Readers

Write a catchy and attractive title of posts to easily grab the attention of your readers. Make at least 3-4 title of each post and then choose that fits your best.

Ask Questions From Readers

Ask questions from your readers and try to engage their voice towards you.

#2 Make Use Of Social Networks

Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are being used by millions of people in a day. There are hundreds to share content, choose according to your niche and share your content to increase your visibility.

Tips To Increase Social Visibility

Create A Fan Page Of Your Blog

Create a Fan Page of your blog and increase likes as much as you can. Share quality content to grab people attention.

Keep Yourself Active On Social Networks

People love to share new content and this is the best strategy that no one wants to miss. Keep yourself active on Social Networks.

Enter A Catchy And Attractive Bio Of Yourself

Bio is the only thing that tell anonymous people who you are. A catchy bio is enough to attracts new people and increase your social visibility.

Make Proper Use Of Hash Tags

Hash Tags are free and attractive way to promote yourself on Social Networks.

Tag Other Bloggers In Your Post

Tag other Bloggers in your blog posts is another effective way to attract organic traffic from bloggers.

#3 Build Up A Strong Online Presence

This is one of the best strategies that every blogger who ever touched the fame line uses. If you see anyone with lots of Followers or lots of shares of his posts, you will probably dive into his online profiles.
The best thing about his strategy that this never fails. So, try to be everywhere.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is the best way to promote yourself online. Try to write on reputable as much as you can. If you are giving 40 minutes to write posts for your blog then gives 1 hour to write a guest post.

Commenting On Other Blogs

Commenting is a great idea to draw some attention. Commenting with valuable and satisfying message as comments on other blogs. Don’t just spam there. Be regular and try to be the first one to comment to gain more bouncing visitors to your blog.

Being Active On Forums

Forums will not only helps you in back linking and SEO, but also helps you to create a strong online presence.

Being Active On Questioning Sites

Quora and Yahoo are great sites to increase your social presence.

#4 Give Them A Chance To Share

What if you have awesome content which your readers wants to share, but there is no way he can? That’s what I call an epic fail. Make sure you have got sharing facilities on your blog.
Implement floating social buttons or sharing buttons at the bottom of the post. You don’t want to miss a chance of getting shared. Right?

Make Use Of Social Networks To Share Your Content

Social Networks are the best way to increase your posts visibility. Give your readers a strong reason to share your content.

Use Social Sharing Locker Plugin

Social lockers are a great way to gain more shares. Make a PDF file of posts and give it to your readers inn exchange of a share.

#5 Optimize Your Content For Search Engines

Before proceeding, let me share one thing. You always gotta keep your readers first on the list and put the door of organic traffic after that. It’s humans who will be reading your blog posts, not just some bots. So make sure you are writing for your readers.

Keywords are a great way to rank on Search Engines. Half an hour of keyword research will be worth it before starting to write a blog post.

When you are writing a new post, think from the view of a user who is in need of relevant content and come up with some effective long tails. Include them in your content and try to avoid repetition of the same long tailing phrases..

Over To You

Howdy Blogger. I hope you felt it was worth reading what I have written. Hey! Where do you think you are going? Wait a sec and tell me your opinion about the post and don’t forget to share if you have got some extra traffic building strategies and some more ways to get loyal readers.

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